In-Hospital Outcomes and Complications of Leadless Pacemaker and Traditional Transvenous Pacemaker Implantation

Published: 20 Jun 2024

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In the latest episode of Arrhythmia Academy's Journal Club, Dr Elaine Wan (Columbia University, New York, NY, US) and Dr Majd Al Deen Alhuarrat (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, NY, US) discuss the in-hospital outcomes and complications of using leadless pacemakers and traditional transvenous pacemakers.

Dr Alhuarrat provides a concise history and background of transvenous and leadless pacemakers, and highlights the complication rates between TVP and LPM in inpatient settings across a nationwide database. Dr Wan then discusses the complications of AVEIR DR placements, and the opportunities for further research. 

Recorded remotely from New York, 2024. 


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