Atrial Transseptal Catheterisation: Challenging Scenarios and Techniques to Overcome Them

Published: 08 Jul 2024

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In this latest episode of Arrhythmia Academy's Journal Club, Editorial Board member Dr Dhiraj Gupta (Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, Liverpool, UK) is joined by Dr Pasquale Santangeli (Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, US) to discuss challenging scenarios in atrial transseptal catheterisation, and techniques to overcome them.

Dr Santangeli presents a series of patient cases featuring potential challenging scenarios that could be experienced during transseptal access, including multiple prior access, aneurysmal septum, percutaneous closure devices and a lack of conventional femoral venous access. Dr Gupta and Dr Santangeli then discuss their approaches following this presentation.

Recorded remotely from Cleveland and Liverpool, 2024. 


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